September is Suicide Awareness Month

The statistics are staggering, which is why suicide prevention & awareness are so important. Every year 800,000 people die by suicide. That’s one every 40 seconds. Such a high death toll, it is hard to fathom. Suicide risks increased 30% between 2000-2018 (though it did actually decrease in 2019 and 2020).  The thing is, it … Continue reading September is Suicide Awareness Month

Can you have more than one therapist? 

Usually - No. As a specialist, I often have people call and ask if they can do “just DBT” or “just eating disorder” treatment with me. Though there are some instances when, as an outpatient therapist, I might say ‘yes’ to this, it is generally considered unethical.  Exceptions  Couples or Family Therapy The biggest exception … Continue reading Can you have more than one therapist? 

Project HEALers Circle

I want to highlight a resource that I am not sure many people know about: Project HEAL. They have an amazing blog, and a mission that I really believe in as a clinician. Their goal is to "break down systemic, healthcare, and financial barriers to eating disorder healing." Just in case you are interested, here … Continue reading Project HEALers Circle

Why compliance is important to me as a clinician

What is it? Why do we need it? Why does it matter to clients? This blog is for other clinicians out there more than clients, though some of the technology recommendations apply to clients as well. There are lots of kinds of compliance you must worry about in healthcare in general, but I will focus … Continue reading Why compliance is important to me as a clinician

Shades of Grey –

Ethics in the Treatment of Eating Disorders Repost: from 2020 The journey towards recovery can take many forms, but every person has to follow their own path towards health and make choices along the way. Some of these choices may come in the form of different treatment centers or levels of care to address the … Continue reading Shades of Grey –