Perfectionism’s Antidote: Self-Compassion

Perfectionism is a common trait that many of us strive for, whether it be in our personal or professional lives. However, the pursuit of perfection can be exhausting, overwhelming, and ultimately lead to burnout. Instead of striving for perfection, we could choose to focus on cultivating self-compassion. Perfectionism is the belief that anything less than … Continue reading Perfectionism’s Antidote: Self-Compassion

Kindness, Curiosity & Compassion

Yesterday was World Kindness Day. The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation has a ton of different resources about kindness - calendars and blogs and social media to help you bring a little more kindness to your life.  When someone says the word ‘kindness’ I think first of “lovingkindness” - a 7 minute meditation practice (and … Continue reading Kindness, Curiosity & Compassion

Compassion 101

Even though we have used the words 'burnout' and 'compassion' since I was in graduate school, not a lot was actually taught in school - we did not actually  learn the skills that would grant self-compassion and stave off burnout - for therapists/providers or for clients. It has only recently come to the fore, with … Continue reading Compassion 101