What does “Goodness of Fit” Mean?

"Good fit" is a phrase that therapists use to identify clients that they think will work well with them, and encompasses a lot of things. I am going to try to break it down. Here are some of the considerations: Logistics - virtual or in person therapy availability payment & insurance level of care Demographics … Continue reading What does “Goodness of Fit” Mean?

I was on a podcast!

I was on a The Counseling Podcast with Dr. Jaclyn and Dr. Stokes. We talked about eating disorders, weight stigma, and a whole lot of other things. Check it out here! To elaborate on a few of the topics, here is some more information and a link to the Anti-Diet Culture resources. The effect of … Continue reading I was on a podcast!

DBT v. RO-DBT – what are they?

This post is for the other providers out there (mostly). I gave a presentation to the Virginia Beach Psychiatric Center recently and this summarizes some of the information shared there.  **BTW, the two adorable doggos pictured are Cleo and Jade, my two dogs who well represent the different personalities that typify clients who work well … Continue reading DBT v. RO-DBT – what are they?

Getting the most out of online therapy

How Online Therapy Works Online therapy works just like in-person therapy, but from the safety and comfort of our home! You can take sessions outside on the porch, from your smartphone in the living room, or even on a walk! Studies have shown online therapy is just as effective as in-person, so you can make … Continue reading Getting the most out of online therapy

September is Suicide Awareness Month

The statistics are staggering, which is why suicide prevention & awareness are so important. Every year 800,000 people die by suicide. That’s one every 40 seconds. Such a high death toll, it is hard to fathom. Suicide risks increased 30% between 2000-2018 (though it did actually decrease in 2019 and 2020).  The thing is, it … Continue reading September is Suicide Awareness Month

Getting to Online Therapy

When a client contacts me, I like to explain a bit about the intake process so they know what to expect, especially if they have never been to therapy before. It is a bit different than in-person therapy, but not much! You can also check out my blogs about online therapy and the pros and cons … Continue reading Getting to Online Therapy