Gottman Couples Therapy

There are a lot of different methods and theories of therapy. One of the best ones for treating couples, is the Gottman method. John Gottman, PhD and his wife Julie Schwartz Gottman, PhD have been studying couples’ behavior in Washington State, teaching clinical and direct workshops for therapists and clients, writing books, and providing couples’ … Continue reading Gottman Couples Therapy

Tulips and Churches and Windmills, Oh My!

As most of my friends, clients, and acquaintances already know, I recently went on a trip to Europe - we went from Brussels to Amsterdam down the river. It had been delayed a couple of times - hello, global pandemic! I was really really really really missing traveling, photography, and being out of my normal … Continue reading Tulips and Churches and Windmills, Oh My!

Some Thoughts on Perspective

You may have noticed the different photographs that I have used on my website - they are all ones that I have taken in places ranging from my backyard to the beaches I have lived near to Hawaii and beyond. They are all meaningful or beautiful in ways that remind me of things like the … Continue reading Some Thoughts on Perspective

What is Caregiver Burnout?

Repost: This is a blog I wrote back in October 2019, and it still rings true today. I will do an update soon, also, in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, since the topic of burnout has gotten a lot of attention over the last couple years. If you are in a helping profession … Continue reading What is Caregiver Burnout?