When I was thinking about writing this post, the David Bowie song came to mind. Change is a constant, but we do go through seasons of acceptance and change.  I have been experiencing a lot of change this year – and I am not sure if I have totally embraced it. 

What happened?

It’s been a while since I last posted on this blog, and I wanted to take a moment to think about why. I decided to share, because I think it is important to be genuine and let y’all know – who knows what might be helpful for you?


In the spring, I started the moving process – and I am still in it! Moving takes a long time and has a lot of different aspects – it has been totally distracting. Every free moment was taken up with the myriad tasks that go into finding a house, moving, buying a house, selling a house, getting rid of stuff, packing stuff, planning for the day of…lots. 

Prior to that, I was mainly focused on Wind Over Water and building my business, so I was thinking of marketing all the time, including blogging. Since the spring, I have been thinking about home much more than business – and that is OK, just different!


In my first year, I was blogging pretty consistently, and felt like there was a lot to say that was not being said in the world of mental health. So I decided I need to write about it! I have not been consuming information to the same degree, so I have not had as much to say. I hope to get back to that in 2024, because there is definitely more to say, but I do not want to write a post just because, I want it to be relevant and genuine with sharing my point of view. That is one of my highest values, so rather than trying to maintain the façade of regular posting when it’s not sustainable for me at the moment, I’ve chosen to be honest about my current situation. Life is full of seasons, and this is just one season in my blogging journey.

What to Expect Moving Forward

While I may not be blogging as frequently as before, I want to assure you that I’m not giving up on this blog. I plan to refocus on the business, including the blog, in 2024 – I may not post weekly (like I did for the first year), but it will be relevant and genuine. While I may not be blogging as regularly as I once did, I want to thank you for your continued support and understanding. Please stay tuned, and let’s continue this journey together. Here’s some of what you can look forward to:

Feng Shui Therapy

Moving brings up a lot of things – attachment to your things, who your support system is, what your space says about you and does for you… Processing change teaches us to adapt to new situations and challenges. It forces us to think outside the box, find innovative solutions, and develop resilience. In my own journey, the changes I’ve experienced have helped me become more adaptable and open to new experiences. Since I was focused on a lot of house related things, I have been getting back into feng shui and it makes me think about my plan for “Feng Shui Therapy” so I plan to talk more about that, and possibly develop a course, in 2024. 

Dilemma House

In a related, but very different arena, moving made me think a lot about family, boundary setting, relationships, and what works for me. It may not work for you, but I have a unique situation so I am writing a separate blog about multigenerational living, mother-daughter relationships, and negotiating change within family and friend relationships. 

Weight Bias, Diet Culture & Professional Training

This is a topic near and dear to my heart – and I feel very very VERY strongly about. In my own health experiences, in my work with clients struggling with eating disorders, and in conversations with personal and professional relationships, the topic comes up frequently. I will definitely be developing a course for providers in how to think about and process their own bias, navigate diet culture in a way that does not create more issues, and start the process of change. 

I hope to launch this early in 2024 – this will be my first priority!

We all need to start talking about this more – and it makes us ALL uncomfortable. I have been talking with clients about this for over 20 years, but rarely get into it with other providers

Compliance & Technology

Therapists and technology are not all that friendly, and this is an ongoing problem. As a telehealth therapist, I get asked a lot of questions about how to make that work. I have been a compliance officer for over a decade, and this is a topic, much like the weight and diet topic, that we need to start talking about more! 70% of health practices (of all kinds) are not compliant for HIPAA, let alone their state regulations, Joint Commission, or what their certifications may require. I am not a lawyer but I am a therapist and have been a network administrator, and I have read the whole damn HIPAA guide. There are a couple of key things that we can do to make ourselves compliant and that really make an impact on our information security. 

Mindfulness, Openness & Compassion

Three of my favorite words! These concepts are kind of ‘basics’ – but they also fall into the “simple but difficult’ category. My goal with these is to create a series of products to help people develop these concepts for themselves. This would be things like journals, self care kits, & workshops that help you develop these skills. 

I am really looking forward to developing these ideas and sharing them with you!