International Women’s Day & Weight Stigma

International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate the achievements and progress of women around the world. However, it’s also a reminder of the work that still needs to be done to promote gender equality and address the various forms of discrimination that women face, including weight stigma.

What is Weight Stigma?

Weight stigma, or the negative attitudes and beliefs about people who are perceived to be “overweight” or “obese,” is a prevalent form of discrimination that can have serious physical and mental health consequences for those who experience it. Unfortunately, weight stigma disproportionately affects women, who are often judged more harshly for their body size and shape.

This is Weight Stigma

Research has shown that weight stigma can lead to negative health outcomes such as increased risk of depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. It can also lead to avoidance of healthcare services, which can further exacerbate health problems. Moreover, women who experience weight stigma may face additional barriers to career opportunities and social relationships, as well as enduring harassment and bullying.

The media & advertising industries often reinforce these negative attitudes toward body size and shape, perpetuating the idea that thinness is the ideal and equating weight with morality and personal worth. Women are constantly bombarded with images of “perfect” bodies, which can lead to body dissatisfaction, low self-esteem, and disordered eating. The fashion industry perpetuates this, and several other myths that you can learn more about here.

Weight & Health

It’s important to recognize that weight is not a reliable indicator of health, and that health outcomes depend on a variety of factors, including genetics, socio-economic status, and access to healthcare. It’s also important to recognize that people of all sizes deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, and that no one should be discriminated against or stigmatized based on their body size.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, let’s work to promote body inclusivity. Let’s challenge the cultural norms and stereotypes that perpetuate weight stigma, and instead embrace the diversity and beauty of all bodies. Let’s create a world where women of all sizes and shapes can feel valued, respected, and empowered.