Getting the most out of online therapy

How Online Therapy Works

Online therapy works just like in-person therapy, but from the safety and comfort of our home! You can take sessions outside on the porch, from your smartphone in the living room, or even on a walk! Studies have shown online therapy is just as effective as in-person, so you can make the same progress without going anywhere.

I use a 100% secure, HIPAA-approved video platform.  At your scheduled session time, you’ll simply log in using the link emailed to you (or click link below) where I will be waiting to support you, just like I would in the office.  If you have more questions, I’m happy to answer them click here.

How to Prepare for your Online Therapy Session

Have a fully charged laptop, desktop or tablet with webcam and audio connection.  If you can, have your device plugged in and charging during the session or ensure that the device is fully operational prior to and during your session. Also have your phone fully charged as a back up if any technical difficulties which may require a phone call and different video call platform. Turn your notifications off right before your session to avoid disruptions.

How to Creating your Environment for your Online Session

  • Good lighting
  • Quite space (room, office, car, but no driving)
  • Privacy
  • Internet connection
  • Link to the therapy portal
  • Since your commute is removed from therapy, you can easily jump back into your regularly scheduled life
  • Earphones may be helpful to prevent sound echoing and allow you to fully focus on conversation with your therapist
  • Get your water or tea, your favorite comfort items (blanket, fidget toy, or my favorite, my doggos)
  • A box of tissues if you think you might need them
  • Paper and a writing tool or a device to take notes (if you like to write things down)

Click on the portal link at your scheduled appointment time, relax and your therapist will be with you soon!

I hope we connect soon!