Tulips and Churches and Windmills, Oh My!

As most of my friends, clients, and acquaintances already know, I recently went on a trip to Europe – we went from Brussels to Amsterdam down the river. It had been delayed a couple of times – hello, global pandemic! I was really really really really missing traveling, photography, and being out of my normal daily routine.

These are just a few of my photos, trying to represent the tulips, windmills, churches, and cityscapes that I remember best from the trip. I took over 1300, over 600 of which were on tulip day!

This is not a travel blog, so I will not tell you about Brussels, Amsterdam, Dordrecht, and Floridae (we went to a bunch of places). I won’t go into the travel tips and trials, but just share that I really wish we would all actually take our vacations. Americans leave more vacation time unused than any other country, and that is a shame. Go somewhere that speaks to you! I think my next trip will be in the US, and I am already looking forward to it!

We went to a lot of churches, saw a ton of tulips, and wandered around lovely, interesting cities trying their specialties and experiencing a different life, even if only for a short while.

For those who wonder about such things, a couple of these were iPhone shots and the rest were shot with my trusty, somewhat elderly D90. That camera has been traveling with me for over 10 years now! I took over 1300 photos, over 600 of which were on tulip day! I like putting the best of them on a slideshow for my screensaver so I can remember different trips whenever it comes up. I also have photos of my friends, family, dogs, and art I like on there. Though I did get a few tangible mementos from the trip, photos help me jog my memory and keep the memories more accessible for me. That way, I can, even if only for a moment, put myself back in the tulip park and remember how bright and lovely it was in Holland in the spring…

Talk to y’all soon!