Meet the Co-Workers (My dogs!)

May 20 is National Rescue Dog Day, so I invite you to meet my trusty companions in day to day working life.

We have all gotten to know each other a little differently in this brave new virtual world. We have all learned a lot about Zoom and other platforms we use to communicate. And we have all met each other’s families, including their pets, at least on our screens. So I am introducing you to my co-workers, my dogs.

They are the cutest, furriest, snori-est, most wonderful work companions a person could ask for. I miss them when they are not there. Admittedly, I do not miss the random barking that interrupts my sessions, but other than that they are the best office mates.

I always adopt black dogs – did you know they get adopted less often than other color dogs? I learned about this years ago through a book called the Black Dog Project and the phrase “Black Dog Syndrome” and there is a National Black Dog Day on October 1. I had black labs growing up, so I was amazed to learn this! They are some of the best dogs on the planet, and each of my canine companions has their own personality and quirks.

Penny is loyal and sweet and so fluffy, Jade is stubborn and makes you feel like you won a prize when she asks for your attention, and Cleo is a handful of husky-mix that has more energy than any adult I know – there are some kids who could give her a run for her money, though.

If you hear them barking in session, I apologize in advance.

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